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ERP, SCM, CRM, Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma Consultants  Zenobia & Associates Since 1985 Forerunners of the New Industrial Revolution

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ERP, SCM, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, CRM Consultants



ERP, SCM, Lean Manufacturing, CRM, Six Sigma & Enterprise Services Consultants


Zenobia & Associates is a preferred total business solution provider of ERP, SCM, CRM, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing that innovates, discovers, integrates and implements world class enterprise systems and business process improvements which deliver optimized solutions for our clients. This allow our clients to compete in today's global economy by maintaining a balance of improvement initiatives with systems enhancements that, when implemented, provide a ROI payback to fund all enterprise business initiatives.


Our solutions provide and establish a business blueprint that enables the transformation of your business. By creating a clear, concise vision that realizes and defines the strategic initiatives (Critical-To-Business needs) necessary to successfully accomplish your Enterprise Business Objectives. 


Zenobia & Associates synchronized; multi-disciplined Enterprise Systems & Improvement Solutions are driving the competitive business strategies for the future. As a preferred provider of solutions we offer flexibility and adaptability that results in improved processes across the enterprise. Our solutions are helping our clients to increase cash flow, operating margin and market share.

Zenobia & Associates Consulting mission is well defined; we help companies achieve measurable performance improvement and lasting change. 

Zenobia & Associate Business Solutions Consultants offer a comprehensive ROI Case for Action completely funds the Business Process or System solutions implementation cost.

For over 4 decades Zenobia & Associates Consulting innovative techniques have help to rethink the course of manufacturers/enterprises worldwide.

Many believe that if you don't make cars, you are not a manufacturer. At Zenobia & Associates we believe that a manufacturer/enterprise is not just an automotive or steel company, but any company that supplies an end product to a customer. A construction company supplies a house, a cafe supplies a satisfied and returning customer, a hospital supplies a healthy person, So in any large or small business the most important transformation of the business is to be competitive & consistently provide profit to it's shareholders. This is accomplished through our comprehensive expertise and innovative methodology and techniques, which consistently exceed our customerís expectations and provide a self-funded solution for your company and an empowered team motivated to delivering those solutions.



Providing an optimized business solution for your company can be challenging and difficult.

Our clients have driven these solutions decisions by answering some questions...


Business Consultants

ERP, SCM, Lean Manufacturing, CRM, Six Sigma & Enterprise Services Global Consultants

Since 1985 Forerunners of the 

New Industrial Revolution



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